Saturday, September 10, 2011

Honors American Literature Class Expectations

Elyse Beach
Mr. Provenzano
Honors American Literature 1st hour
9 September 2011
Honors American Literature Expectations
In an Honors American Literature class the students should be expected to do their homework, always turn in their own work, and strive to do their personal best.
As honors students, the scholars should always have homework completed and ready to turn in on time. Teachers give homework to help the students gain  necessary skills for the class. Homework is an opportunity to review what was taught in class and helps the students know where to focus additonal time and attention on content. Students’ work should be done neatly and thoroughly because it can be used for reference as they study and prepare for tests. The class grade also includes homework and if the students choose not to complete homework they are forfeiting a good grade opportunity. Homework reflects the students’ effort in the class and helps the teacher know how dedicated the class is to the subject area. Parents also value homework since it discourages students from making poor choices due to less free time. Certainly homework is a crutial piece to an honor students’ academic success.
Students in honors classes should always turn in their own work. To be in an honors class the students should be hardworking and dedicated. They should complete their own papers and be proud to turn in quailty work.  Plagerizing in a very serious offense. If a student is caught plagerizing the consequences could include a failing grade in the class and even expulsion from school. Some students have had their college admissions withdrawn due to plagerizing. Students in these higher classes should be able to do the work they are assigned or be dismissed from the advanced English class. Having the integrety to complete their own work is a necessary component to being in an Honors American Literature class.
Honors students should be expected to always strive for their personal best. Honors classes require many hours of additional work and if students do not put their best effort toward the class it will be reflected in a lower grade.  By completing their papers to the best of their ability, the scholars should feel good about turning in their finished product. For students to achieve their personal best with all assignments they must put in additional reasearch, editing, and time to produce quality work. Additionaly, sometimes it requires hiring a tutor or taking supplemental classes to further develop the skills for the advanced class. To achieve high marks students’ often have to give up other extra curricular activities so that more time can be devoted to working on assignments. The work that the students’ turn in is a relection of their  true character. Turning in quality work allows the teacher to obtain an understanding of their students’ commitment and personal investment in the class.
Honors American Literature students should be expected to turn in their homework, do their own work, and demonstrate their best effort to participate in advanced classes.

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