Monday, September 12, 2011

Descriptive Post

The image above is of a sunset of the shore of an island. On the right hand side of the image is a palm tree as well as a shoreline of the island fading in the distance towards the middle of the picture. In the very right corner there is a full moon, with a purple tint. The very top of the image is purple, and it fades to lighter shades of purple until it turns in to a orange and pink mixture as the water and skyline meet. The water mirrors the sky by starting with a light purple pink mix at the shore and turning into an orange red color as it meets the skyline. The land and palm tree are all black. The very top of the picture looks like a purple space with stars, a moon, and smaller planet which is a darker purple just below the moon. Just before the sky meets the water there are dark purple clouds which are reflected in the water as light pink, orange, and purple. The shoreline on the right side of the picture is mountainous and is reflected into the water. This is the description of the gorgeous sunset!

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