Wednesday, September 7, 2011

About Me!

Hi, my name is Elyse! I have many family nick names like lysee, or beaner butt (that one I am not too proud of) and beanie! If you’re not my family you can call me Elyse unless I said you could call me something else, nicknames are not really my thing. I am very independent, bubbly, and sometimes stubborn. I love to do things on my own time in my own way, but am always open for a new adventure or new experience!  Some simple answers to simple questions about me are, my favorite color is purple, and yes I have two pets Shadow (dog) and Onyx (cat) and can sister count? And yes I have a sister who is four years older than me.
I live in Grosse Pointe and have all my life. I love it here and I think I might just come back to raise my family! I grew up in the park and started off school at Maire Elementary school, after that I went on Pierce to suffer that awkward middle school stage and I believe mine was way beyond awkward, now I ended up here at South (a sophomore this year) to end the beginning of my life. At south I am in Honors American Literature (which ended me up on this blogging thing), Honors Biology (which I hope will get me closer to my future career), US  history, Geometry, Spanish numero dos, Ceramics, and Choir! School and I have a love hate relationship I love it sometimes and hate it the other 95%. I should probably start liking it more though because I dream of doing something in the medical field or animal sciences! I am a very big MSU fan because that is where my sister is a freshman studying dietetics, and where I dream to go, so if you are not a fan it is okay you can still read this….I guess!  
My hobbies consist of dance and choir. I dance and have been dancing for 13 years. I do all kinds of dance classes such as Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, and Pointe. This year though I am trying a new class that combines both my loves singing a dancing and those are a Theatre Tap and Theatre Jazz class. I have been doing choir since I have been allowed to. I also take private voice lessons outside of school choir. I love the experiences, friendships, and combination of both my loves that the South choir offers.  Other than those two main pastimes I enjoy hanging out with friends, having family outings, and doing athletic things such as play a game of backyard soccer!
My favorite thing of all is being with my family. We are a very close, tight knit family. We get together for every holiday, birthday, anniversary, or special occasion. My mother’s parents live in Grosse Pointe along with her sister (my aunt), my uncle and my cousin Allie. My aunt on my dad’s side also lives in Grosse Pointe along with her children/ my cousins Meagan, Matthew, Andrea, and Lauren. My cousin Allie, my sister JJ and I are all like three peas in a pod. I love them both like we were all sisters. Allie grew up an only child, and since there were JJ and I only 13 houses away, she joined in the fun of sisterhood, and we took her along the ride of growing up with a sibling. I love my family and without them and the support they give for everything I do or attempt, my life would most defiantly not be what it is today.
Throughout this little biography of me you have learned about who I am, what I love, and what I dream to do. I hope that many of the questions you would have if you haven’t met me before have been answered, and that you can start to understand me and my quirky personality a little better. I am glad you read this and learned a little about who I am as a person, and have gotten a chance to know me just a little more. J

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