Thursday, June 7, 2012


Throughout the course of the year I have not really used Evernote as a note taking tool. Personally I do not like taking online notes because not having them in my hands makes me unmotivated to study. I am pretty busy a lot of the time and sometimes I do not have access to the internet. Though I think not having to carry around a notebook would be helpful, I would rather be able to have access to my notes at all times.   The ability not to print my notes, and work off the iPads was also a reason I did not like using Evernote to take notes.  During the one instance when I did use Evernote I liked to how it was accessible from the iPad, my iPhone, and from my laptop at home. These are some of the few reasons I did not use Evernote more often.

            To improve Evernote, I would recommend it being compatible with Dropbox. The ability to access my notes, and papers from Evernote, and then drop them into a Dropbox folder quickly would make the app a little better. Not having the ability to have a tab button to indent the first sentence of the paragraph was also a problem both myself, and other realized. Other than these two problems, I did not use Evernote enough to find more flaws in the technology. For some students I think that this is a very useful tool.

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