Friday, March 2, 2012

Faust Legend

It was a dark and humid evening in Soldotna, Alaska. The cloud filled sky was dim, and created an envelope of gloom over the old log cabin of the Smith family. Lucas Smith was a young high school graduate visiting his family cottage for a few weeks before the fall semester of college. Though he excelled in school, and was good looking in a Jimmie Dean sort of way,  he felt something was missing in his life. He would watch movies and aspire to have the glamorous and frivolous life of all these movie stars. He wanted the attention of all the girls, and to have money he could spend in whatever way he pleased.  In other words, he wanted a life of the rich and famous.

            One early morning, he decided to take a walk along the edge of the crisp, transparent lake. The air was brisk, and with every breath he could feel the cold encompass his whole body. The lake was clear and every few minutes you could see birds fly frantically across the water.  As he kept walking, the air began to thicken, and a dense fog started to form, increasing in thickness with every step.  Through the intense mist he started to see an ominous figure.  He cautiously began to near the unknown object, and as he got closer, Lucas could identify parts of this being.  It appeared to be a female creature towering 8 feet. She had long jet black hair with piercing red eyes. Her skin was a deep bronze and she wore a tight red dress that matched the color of her eyes. Resting on both shoulders were jet black crows with the same penetrating eyes as the she devil. In the distance, the loud squawking of the birds could still be heard. Lucas was frozen in panic. Suddenly the mysterious person advanced towards him.

She began talking to him in a soft and enchanting tone. “So Lucas, you want fame and fortune? You want all the attention of innocent, sweet, young girls all over the world? You are so naive; you don’t think those people are famous by chance do you? They are all mine, or at least their souls are. I am the devil and I can give you fame and fortune; I can make the girls swoon at your feet? Just say the word, and promise me your soul and all of these luxuries can be yours.”

Lucas stood on the cool damp ground, unable to look away from this devil whose words entranced his very being.  He knew he shouldn’t listen to her, but the thought of all she had to offer made him think of what his life could be, all without having to really put forth much effort to get obtain financial security or extreme popularity. The birds in the distance stopped, and Lucas slowly begins to move toward the devil. As though he had no control, he quietly says “You can have my soul, just make me famous.”

As quickly as he ran into the devil, he was back at the cabin as if nothing at happened. Unsure of the situation that had just occurred he went to lie down to reflect upon this unique and highly unusual encounter with the devil woman.  Slowly he drifted into a restless and fitful sleep.

A few hours later he awoke, not sure of where he was or who he was anymore. He got out of bed and walked into what used to be the kitchen. He was surrounded by maids and butlers who dressed him in diamonds, and a silk robe.  The old family cabin had been transformed into a large mansion with the highest quality goods all around. He ran to the window and outside was the large HOLLYWOOD sign.  He couldn’t believe that this vision who had just appeared in the woods could have actually made him famous.  Though skeptical about the whole situation he didn’t care how it happened,  he was just ecstatic to be rich and famous. Clearly, his greed and narcissistic personality came shining through his very being and soul.   

 As time went on his fame grew, and he starred in movie after movie while his stacks of millions accumulated in his safe.  His fans adored him and he was loved by most people until he one day began to let his fame get to his head. His greed kept increasing, and he began to only want even money and more grandiose material possessions.

Years passed and Lucas’s income kept increasing and so did the amount of possessions he bought. Greed had overtaken him, and all he wanted was more money. One day he was filming a new movie. While getting ready in his dressing room a thick fog quickly filled the room. Again the devil appeared. 

            “I have made you famous, and you had your wealth, but you have abused it. You have become greedy.  I can’t let you and your greed continue on the earth. You had promised me your soul and I am taking it to hell with me” said the devil.

Almost instantaneously, she wrapped a long rope around Lucas and he was brought kicking and screaming down into the deep underworld.  Shortly after he was dragged into hell, the flock of birds flew over the cottage in Alaska and soared over the building where they were filming. Unexpectedly, there was just one lonely, isolated last black bird that flew with them squawking loudly as they glided fast.

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