Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Huck Finn Blog Post 2

   Throughout the story, Huck and Jim form a very strong relationship. This connection very much resembles a father son bond. During the time frame of this story, society frowned upon this friendship because Jim is an escape slave and Huck is a runaway white boy. “Jim, this is nice,” I says. “I wouldn’t want to be nowhere else but here” (Twain 159). This quotes exemplifies the relationship between the two characters. It shows that Huck enjoys spending time with Jim. Furthermore, they like each others’ company which is very much the way fathers and sons act when two people care about each other and have common interests. . In Chapter 12, Jim and Huck spend time fishing and sharing time outdoors. The activities they were engaged in are very much what young boys around Huck’s age do when they are able to spend quality time with their father. Without a strong father in the picture, it is very positive for Huck to allow Jim to take the role of a father in his life.
      While the adventures of Jim and Huck continue, Jim shows a very protective and sheltering demeanor over Huck. “Come in, Huck, but doan’ look at his face-it’s too gashly”(161). After they come across the dead body in the float away house, Jim wants Huck to stay away because of the atrocious sight. At this point in the story the fatherly instincts Jim has begin to show. Fathers do all they can to protect their children and he is striving to do all he can to keep Huck out of harm’s way. Jims also attempts to teach Huck new things that will eventually help him as he grows and matures. He tells him about good and proper morals as they come across the floating house and the abandoned boat. Together throughout their journeys, Jim and Huck teach each other important values, life lessons, and knowledge. The time they have together, gaining insights into each other as human beings, shows the strength in their father son relationship.

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