Sunday, December 18, 2011

Could Specialissimus exist?

Elyse Beach
1st hour American Literature
December 18, 2011
The transcendentalist society of Specialissimus is very unique. With no conformity, limited rules, and no judgment the society sounds as though it would be a good addition to today’s world.  Although many people think that a transcendentalist society would be possible in today’s world, a society with behavioral rules, no judgment, the disapproving of conformity, and people’s resistance to change are why a transcendentalist society could not exist today.
            The Specialissimus transcendentalist society has very many behavioral rules. These rules would benefit today’s world. No bullying and no plagiarism are two rules that exist. The prohibition on bullying will help society because people will be free to behave in ways that make them unique without fear of being made fun of and ridiculed. Plagiarism allows people to be lazy and exist off of the efforts of others.  By creating harsh consequences for this help people embrace their own creativity and express their own thoughts instead of copying others ideas.  People’s behavior has to be monitored to create a successful society.  The behavioral rules could help the society to integrate as part of the world today.
            The world unconsciously makes judgments about people they do not even know. Trying to create a society without criticizing others on their differences would be difficult.  Though people wish that we lived in world where judging did not exist it is very hard to avoid. Peoples thoughts cannot be controlled so saying that people cannot judge would end up in defeat because many are unaware of the judgments they make. People’s judgments of others can also help them in life, and without judging others you cannot make a proper decision on if they will be a good influence in someone’s life. People choose to make unintelligent decisions such as doing drugs or drinking.  These are people that should not be used as examples.  By judging their undesirable decisions as bad, people can avoid socializing and interacting with them.
            Conformity very much exists in many everyday places. Factories and driving are examples of conformity where people are obligated to follow the rules. Without the conformity in factories workers would be out of control. The work would not get done because employees would show up at any time, and if they did show up they would not do any work. This would create a world where nothing would be produced and an economy could not thrive because we do not have control over employees, and working facilities. Driving is another example because without traffic laws, danger would be created for both fellow drivers and pedestrians. Chaos would be created without driving rules and restrictions. Laws are put in place to create the same regulations for everyone.  Without some types of conformity in the world people would be unruly and there would be much pandemonium.
            Citizens in today’s world resist change as much as possible. Most change today is viewed as bad and so many avoid change at all costs. There is a very small amount of people that would agree to change their old, comfortable life style to adapt to the idea of a new one.  Change goes very much against conformist beliefs so many people don’t embrace it. All the aspects that exist in the transcendentalist society are what help keep today’s world under control and productive.
The idea of integrating a new transcendentalist society into today’s world would not succeed. The non conformist beliefs, lack of judgment, and unwillingness to change would prevent the society from thriving in the world today.


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